Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Experience Review - Atlanta Motorsports Park Public Karting

A number of years ago there was a rumor circulating that someone was building a private race club in the North Georgia area.  For me this was exciting news as Road Atlanta is a great venue but just a little too far to visit on a regular basis.  Of course there were all of the usual NIMBY issues and legal battles but the folks at AMP were able to complete construction in 2012.  On a wine tour for our anniversary in 2012 we stopped by AMP for a quick tour.  What a place!! 

 Then I noticed a smaller track in the background and saw a shifter kart absolutely flying which we learned later was Chase Elliott.  We drove around the back of the course and this is where the Kart track is located. It is an absolutely top notch facility with true racing karts.  They are significantly lighter than the karts at Andretti and you are on an outdoor course with F1 style lighting, electronic warning markers and CCTV to monitor activity.  They have invested heavily in this facility and the quality shows.

 I ended up taking a friend to the AMP Karting Experience on a whim and wow....we had a very good time.  While the facility is top notch with great equipment and a great venue, the staff is very friendly and makes you feel like you are their number one priority.  The track manager Slade is a very fast driver and he gave me some great runs along with all of the staff running with us at various times during the day.  Steven, Austin, Matt, Cody are all fun to race with and are not too bossy or controlling while maintaining a good focus on safety.  Unlike Andretti it is really easy to understand your lap times and how you stack up against with your lap times published in real time and ranked historically.  My racer name is Big Al:

Go and see the guys at AMP Karting!  Be sure to drive within your skill level and get the kart insurance as there is a higher level of responsibility with these karts.  The staff at AMP Karting will make your experience a pleasurable one and I highly recommend this experience!

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